• Ostatu Winery, Samaniego

    Ostatu, Wine Editor
    With the aim of capitalizing on a distinctive quality that would help make this winemaker stand out from all the others in La Rioja, our proposal consisted of marketing Ostatu as “wine editors” to faithfully convey the traditional personality of this winery and the care and attention with which it pursues its business. Besides renewing the labels’ designs and names, we classified the wines into two groups: “Sensitive” wines and “Singular” wines.
  • Albert and Ferran Adrià, Barcelona

    Textures for gastronomy
    Created by Albert and Ferran Adrià and produced by Solegraells-Guzmán, Texturas is a range of cutting-edge “tools” designed in order to achieve special consistencies and textures in cooking. At Cosmic we developed the naming and grouping of the products into families. We also designed cardboard containers, which we decorated with elegant photographs representing the nature of the products, the colour and type of each photograph served to organise them according to their characteristics.
  • Pedralonga Winery, Pontevedra

    Etiquetas con carácter atlántico
    Graphically 'paraphrasing' the name of this signature wine —“piedra larga”, or long stone—, and playing into the fact that harvests yield varying characteristics from year to year, we proposed to the owners of this winery that they collect stones which, for whatever reason, suggested to them an aspect of their harvest. The single stone stands alone on the front label, like a riddle or a visual poem. The text explaining the wine appears in a block on the back label. Some time later, the winery asked us to create a label for its "barrel-aged Albariño". The solution was to replace the stone with a shard of wood, allowing us to maintain the graphic conceptual framework and visual identity of all the labels.
  • Mugaritz Restaurant, Errenteria

    Mugaritz Experiences: Specials, Seeds, Herbals
    By introducing ingredients from a diverse range of culinary cultures into his day-to-day cuisine, chef Andoni Luis Aduriz has developed the series Mugaritz Experiences. The products comprising this series fall by affinity into three families: “Specials”, “Seeds” and “Herbals”. When designing the brand image and packaging, we used on a set of prints that convey the idea of “tradition revisited” that characterises Experiences since, in fact, many of the ingredients now being given new applications have been used in cooking since antiquity.
  • Pedralonga Winery, Pontevedra

    Vendetta: the experiment
    “Vendetta” is a three-legged experimental project initiated by a chef, Marcelo Tejedor, a winemaker, Miguel Alfonso, from Pedralonga, and a designer, Juan Dávila, from Cosmic. The object of the experiment is an Albariño wine, the production of which varies each year and veers away from the methods used traditionally to allow its character to mature. Playing into the images associated with the word ‘vendetta’, we used duct tape for the label and plastic for the packaging, and created this “icon-product”.
  • Albert and Ferran Adrià, Barcelona

    Easy Kits for gastronomy fans
    The idea behind Albert and Ferran Adrià’s Easy Kits was to give amateur chefs the chance to try out the emblematic techniques of this star culinary duo: suspension, “spherification”, gelling, “airs”... All the ingredients and tools needed to put them into practice are found in these kits, which we designed almost in the manner of chemistry sets for foodies. Each kit comes with the all-important recipe book to guide the user through the techniques.
  • Albert Adrià Sauces, Barcelona

    Time-honoured recipes for an effective cuisine
    Alioli, marinera, sofrito, brava, romesco… Albert Adrià’s sauces draw inspiration from traditional Spanish recipes and use ingredients of the highest quality. The packaging for these sauces, which are aimed at professional chefs, recreate traditional design elements, such as etchings and wood types, but are modernized to suit today’s tastes.
  • Albert and Ferran Adrià, Barcelona

    LyoSabores, freeze-dryed cuisine
    Created by brothers Albert and Ferran Adrià and produced by Solegraells-Guzmán, LyoSabores is a range of carefully chosen fruits whose water has been extracted while retaining all their original flavours, aromas and colours in a process called lyophyllization. As water is the key element in this process, we took our inspiration from the Catalan tradition of “the dancing egg” (l’ou com balla), in which an egg “dances” atop a fountain jet. Thus the main element of the packaging’s design is an image of the various freeze-dried fruits “dancing” on refreshing jets of water.